The Speed Reading Book - Tony Buzan

The Speed Reading Book - Tony Buzan

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'The Speed Reading Book' is an absolute requirement for anyone with a desire to read and learn more efficiently.' Sean Adam, World Speed Reading Record Holder.

Have you ever wanted to increase dramatically your reading speed, improve your comprehension and enhance your study and learning skills?

The Speed Reading Book, part of Tony Buzan's revolutionary 'Mind Set' series (which includes the million-copy bestseller The Mind Map" Book), is a revolutionary operations manual for those who wish to achieve all of these goals and much more!

Speed Reading makes it easy to:
- think faster and more creatively
- make better notes
- pass exams with relative ease
- study more successfully
- save days, weeks even months of your time.

Tony Buzan presents up-to-date information about your eyes and brain that will help you improve all aspects of your own reading and proves that reading speeds of over 1,000 words per minute are possible.

His innovative approaches to this important subject make speed reading easy to understand, enabling you to apply it immediately to all aspects of your life. It's fund and well! The Speed Reading Book is an ideal tool for students, teachers and executives - indeed, anyone eager to improve the speed, comprehension and quality of their reading.

Tony Buzan is the world's leading authority on the brain and learning. His ground-breaking note-taking technique, Mind Maps, offers a route to improved study and better understanding. His million-copy selling books on the subject have achieved massive success in more than 100 countries and have been translated into 30 languages. He has lectured worldwide and acts as advisor to numerous multi-national companies, governments, leading businesses and international Olympic athletes. He is also President of the B Foundation, founder of the Brain, Trust Charity, the World Memory Championship and the World Championships of the Brain.

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