The Death Lobby: How The West Armed Iraq - Kenneth R. Timmerman

The Death Lobby: How The West Armed Iraq - Kenneth R. Timmerman

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Months after the triumph of Operation Desert Storm, the questions remain: what is Iraq's military capability? Where did Saddam Hussein get the armaments to provoke the Gulf war? What did he have and what does he have left? The Death Lobby answers these questions and exposes the truth behind the bribery and subterfuge that brought about deals with companies and commercial contacts
for arms and embargoed technology - and the conspiracy of
silence in London, Washington, Paris, and Bonn, where repeated
warnings of Iraq's true intentions were ignored ...

Through his exhaustive research, Kenneth Timmerman proves that Saddam Hussein could never have brought about the Gulf war without the co-operation of Western governments and the decaying Soviet empire. His remarkable investigation has prompted questions in Parliament and has, at last, focused world attention on the insatiable greed and ambition that compromised world peace.

The inescapable truth today is that yesterday's lessons have still to
be learnt... world peace still hangs in the balance ... the warnings
can no longer be ignored.

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Goodreads rating: 3.96/5