Thai Gold - Jason Schoonover

Thai Gold - Jason Schoonover

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(From the Bantam bestseller back cover blurb)

Everyone in the Golden Triangle has heard the rumor, but few believe it’s more than local myth—until high in the Himalayas a Buddhist monk is savagely murdered and his monastery ransacked. The stolen treasure is the most sacred icon of the eastern world: the jewel-encrusted head of Gautama Buddha. When a wealthy client calls on adventurer Lee Rivers to track down the macabre—and priceless—relic, he finds the assignment irresistible.

River’s specialties are eastern antiquities, exotic women, and high-priced danger. But nothing he has survived up to now can prepare him for this unholy quest. And no woman he has ever enjoyed can compare to the mysterious and sensual Tysee, the daughter of a violent Thai warlord. Together, Rivers and Tysee find themselves pitted against a brutal tribe of drug traffickers, ruthless ex-Nazis, bloodthirsty Sikhs, cold-blooded KGB agents, and relentless CIA operative—all determined to recover the head at any cost!

With vivid realism and imaginative brilliance, real-life adventurer/author Jason Schoonover has written a riveting tale of nonstop action, sizzling romance, and taut suspense quite unlike anything you’re ever read before.

“A major writer of the Southeast Asia scene.”—BANGKOK POST

“Jason Schoonover is among a small handful of authors who inspired me to become a writer.” Jack DuBrul, co-author with Clive Cussler of six novels and of his own Philip Mercer series.


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Goodreads Rating: 3.61