Teaching Children English - David Vale  with Annie Feunteun

Teaching Children English - David Vale with Annie Feunteun

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Teaching Children English is a training course for teachers of English as a foreign language to young learners, aged 7 years and over. The book is intended for native and non-native teachers, and their trainers. It can be followed as a complete course, providing the core input for a professional qualification, or used selectively to integrate with an existing training scheme.

Teaching Children English

- Highlights a whole language and cross-curricular approach to the 
teaching of English to children.

- Raises the awareness of teachers with respect to their own classroom 

- Stimulates discussion on key issues relating to the teaching of 

- Illustrates methodology and classroom practice issues through

themes and topics which can be used with children.

- Provides extensive examples of the use of literature, songs, rhymes, 
games and practical tasks as centres of development for children's language.

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