Redeeming Hope - Anna O'Malley

Redeeming Hope - Anna O'Malley

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Ever wished you could change your past? Fix your mistakes? Revisit your youth?

Watch what happens when one woman gets the chance to do just that!

Things aren’t going well for Hope Prior, successful corporate events management guru. Business is far from booming due to the ailing Celtic Tiger and she can’t be distracted by the handsome Josh.

Wedding planning is rearing its ugly head as the only solution to her financial problems, then to make matters worse, her assistant Amy books a banjo trio instead of a string quartet for a very important corporate function. Angry that Amy’s mistake could cost her further valuable contracts, in a fit of anger Hope fires her hapless assistant.

Then things start to get a touch bizarre.

Hope finds herself in the company of Rueben, who glibly informs her that he is her guardian angel, and together they embark on an incredible journey to right the wrongs of her past life in order to face up to her future.

Will Rueben succeed in his task of Redeeming Hope? Can she recognise the error of her ways and live to tell the tale?


Condition: Very Good


Goodreads Rating: 4.00/5