Real Stories: Book 1  -  Milton Katz

Real Stories: Book 1 - Milton Katz

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Real Stories, Book 1, contains true-to-life stories adapted from newspapers and magazines. These stories show the human side of things and were chosen to entertain you and arouse your curiosity. There are stories about people in many different situations. Some are funny, and some are serious; some will make you think, and some will surprise you. There are stories about young people and old people, men and women. In other words, you will find a mixture in Real Stories as you might find in life. These reports of real-life happenings will hold your interest, and more than that, they will help you to become a better reader. There are questions that help you understand what you read, and questions to help you know the meanings of some new words. Each selection in Real Stories teaches you how to learn new words and how to make better use of words you already know. In addition, you are invited to express yourself in class discussion and are shown how to express yourself in writing. Ahead of you are worthwhile hours with stories of unusual events in the lives of ordinary, and not so ordinary, people. We know that you will enjoy the stories and lessons in Real Stories, Book 1. 


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Goodreads rating: 3.25/5