Mission Earth An Alien Affair  - L.Ron Hubbard

Mission Earth An Alien Affair - L.Ron Hubbard

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Hammer Malone and Killer Brag had extricated their cars.

As one with one crash of gears, they launched their vehicles after Heller.

Two explosions in the tangled mass of cars behind them. I knew it would be the fuel tanks going up. Flames shot into the air!

The other drivers were running away. But the cars of Hammer Malone and Killer Brag bore down on Heller!

He turned to face them.

Narrated by the killer who traveled 22 light years to seal the fate of Earth, AN ALIEN AFFAIR races non-stop from a deadly Long Island speedway to an extraterrestrial s secret base in Turkey, from a battle on the observation platform at the top of the Empire State Building to the pleasures in the basement apartment of the sadistic Miss Pinch.

The aliens are here. A calico cat, a jar of mustard and a host of credit card companies may well determine the success of their mission.


Condition:  Good


Goodreads rating: 3.44/5