Jane Austen's Guide to Life - Lori Smith

Jane Austen's Guide to Life - Lori Smith

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"Part Austen biography, how-to-guide, and all heart, this engaging book will sensibly explain the mysteries of relationships, life, and love that Jane Austen so excelled in on the page and in her own life." Laurel Ann Nattress


"Highly engaging. . . . Lori consults Jane Austen's novels and letters and allows the author's sparkling wit, straight moral compass, and wise words to guide us in the twenty-first century." -Vic Sanborn

Are you in need of a guide to see you through the potential pitfalls of modem life and love? Jane Austen has become our patron saint of romance, our goddess of happy endings. But she has so much more to teach us. Austen endured hardship. She pursued her dreams. She was successful, faithful, and loved. In Jane Austen's Guide to Life, author Lori Smith surmises that Austen's sensible advice for twenty-first-century women would include these lessons:
Be brave.

  • Treasure the people who believe in you.
  • Do what you would be willing to be poor for.
  • Persist.
  • Cultivate gratitude.
  • Value people for their character, regardless of how society labels them.
  • When the right thing hurts, do it anyway.
  • Don't ever think you're too old to hope for love. 

Let Jane Austen teach you how to be a woman of substance and live your dreams.