Fated Genes - Harry Kraus

Fated Genes - Harry Kraus

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When ambition rules, when lives are sacrificed for society's good, when evil is worshiped, who dares to stand in the way?

Brad Forrest is a young, overworked pediatric surgeon who risks losing everything--including his lovely wife and his young son--to obtain the career opportunity of his dreams.

Web Tyson, founder and head of the most prestigious pediatric surgery practice in the Southeast, may bet he next Surgeon General of the U.S--unless the truth comes out about what is happening in Room 525 of the Crestview Women's and Children's Health Center.

Lenore Kingsley, rich president of a huge pharmaceutical company, is using her power to engage in human DNA splicing research and to make Web Tyson the next Surgeon General--for her own purposes.

These three personalities collide in a strange chain of events that none of them would have chosen and that none of them may survive. Can anyone--even the prayer remnant at Patterson's Nursing Home--make a difference now?

An unforgettable story of passion and power, with spiritual themes that no one should ignore.


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Goodreads Rating:  4.09/5