Booby Trap - William Stevenson

Booby Trap - William Stevenson

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A stunning new novel of suspense by the bestselling author of "A Man Called Intrepid"

At one time the target of American bombs and missiles launched at his Arab homeland on the pretext of punishing terrorists, Colonel Zia Bel-el-bey-Gabbiya is about to realize his most cherished goal. Armed with a billion-dollar blackmail scheme guaranteed to neutralize America's superpower allies, the "King of Terrorists" prepares to offer himself as a target again -- and bring the great American Satan to its knees once and for all.

Ex-Vietnam fighter pilot Pete Casey and a courageous band of private citizens are all that stand between Gabbiya and global chaos. Against the bloodthirsty Arab leader's high-tech invasion armada, Casey has only a vintage World War II wood-and-canvas airplane held together with bailing wire. His flying dinosaur might be the perfect booby trap to snare the monster killer, but Casey has only one chance to fly a daring mission whose failure would seal the doom of the civilized world.

From back cover of Zebra Books edition.

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Goodreads Rating: 3.63/5